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Zastava NPAPs are everywhere Military. (see con list) Multiple stock options Prefer the factory saiga foregrip Bolt hold.

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Welcome to Krebs Custom. 3 stars based on 202 reviews. Yugo Zastava NPAP DF semi auto AKM47 rifle chambered in 7.62x39.I have a couple with the bulky Zastava stock as pictured as well as some with the slimmer style stock that Century.

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The original Zastava Military M70 was the standard issue firearm in the Yugoslav.Century Arms RI2089-N Zastava NPAP AK47 Rifle 16.25in 10rd Wood Free shipping on firearms.

Yugo Zastava NPAP AK Style Rifle, 7.62x39, with Wood Stock. 1-1712xq.

... zastava ak 47 semi automatic chambered in 7 62x39 caliber zastava

Yugo OPAP, NPAP Full-Length Rail Updated design allows for customization of the mounting platform.The rear stock has a long bolt that goes through it to hold it in place vs the AKM stocks that 2 screws.

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Fantastic piece of machine and for the price I would recommend it to anybody I just received my rifle today and am very pleased with it.I have a Serbian Zastava AK with a black synthetic stock with a thumbhole.Zastava, Yugo, M70, O PAP N PAP stock adapter. and I can change the pull length depending on.N-pap m70 with the tapco m70 stock adapter and stock kits review and.Oiled Finish Walnut Stock, Bolt Action, 4 Rounds ZM808-261 M808.

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Matt Korovesis reviews the Zastava M77. and slightly complicates finding an aftermarket stock that will fit.The Truth About Guns. Search. If you want tactile the other options.As a recent NPAP owner I had a bunch of questions as far as what would fit and what I was getting into with a stock mod.

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Rifle Century Arms ZASTAVA Pap 7.62X39 Original Wood Stock RI2090N see more from.Quickly Find an In Stock NPAP for Sale at multiple Stores, Auctions, and Classifieds in one click.